Tip From Ami



Tip From Ami

Ami, owner of Blue Moon Florist, is widely known for her incredible artistic and decorative eye, and has a wealth of knowledge and tips to share with you! Ami's weekly tips will be released every Thursday, just in time to tackle some weekend home projects!


When you recieve a fresh arrangement, bring home a fresh bouquet, or cut them from your own garden, enjoying them for as long as possible is the goal. Make sure to keep the water level filled to the top of the vase on a daily basis. Flowers drink heavily in the first 1-3 days in your home - especially when they are very fresh. One of the leading reasons for flowers not lasting for several days, or weeks, is the build up of bacteria in the water! Anyone who has had fresh flowers has experienced the yucky smelling brown water that is caused after flowers are in a vase where the water has not been changed for several days. To enjoy the flowers longer, on the 3rd or 4th day, dump the water out, clean the vase with soap and water, recut the stems by about an inch, add new water and (if you have it) a packet of flower solution to the vase. If flower solution is not available, a couple drops of bleach will keep the bacteria level down and flowers will last longer as a result. Enjoy your long lasting flowers!




Tip From Ami Ever get roses that wilt within the first day or two of putting them in a vase? They are suffering from "bent neck syndrome" - something that occurs when the water is blocked from traveling up the stem to reach the head of the rose. Usually this is attributed to an air bubble that gets trapped in the vascular system, which in turn impedes the flow of water up the stem. The head of the rose looks wilted and is soft to the touch. If you catch this soon enough, there may be a good chance to turn them around! Fill your sink or bathtub with room temperature water, place the roses in the water, submerging them completely, and recut the stems underwater. You'll want to weigh them down a bit to keep them under water, so use a cutting board or something similar. Keep them submerged for about 15-20 minutes. You may see air bubbles coming from the heads of the roses, this is the air being forced out of the top of the head! Remove them and place them back into a fresh clean vase full of water and flower solution. Feel the heads - they should now be firm to the touch. Enjoy your rejuvenated roses!






Tip from Ami #3If your patio and deck planters have seen better days, perk them up with a few of Falls' offerings! Collect some pumpkins, goose neck squash, mini pumpkins, and gourds, and arrange them in the pots. Remove the wilted, frost bitten annuals first, unless they are still showing some green, then arrange the mini gourds and pumpkins in and amongst the Fall traditional foliages for a pop of fresh orange, green, and white, and an instant uplift to those old Summer bloomers!









Tip from Ami #4




 Bring a few mini gourds and pumpkins inside! Place just one on a powder room sink next to the soap, or group a few together in an interesting cluster in Grandmom's fancy silver compote, or that favorite warm wooden bowl, to add instant Fall to any table, island or sideboard. Add a few pine cones and acorns for a mix of texture and interest!



 Tip from Ami #5Once you select table vases, use a striking flower that appeals to you in the same or varying shades of color. For instance: Gerbera Daisy fan? You can buy them buy the “card” of 10 in the same color; they come in fabulous bright tones and muted tones of orange, gold, yellow, orange and rust orange. Try magenta for a twist on fall color!! If you're the type who likes a little variety, get a mixed bouquet made up for you at a mid-level price point according to your budget. Take it home and “deconstruct” the bouquet by placing the different stems in the vase that best fits the size, shape, and color. If you have all one type of vase, ( mason jars or mint julep cups) you may want to place the same colors together in each vase, all the orange in one, red in another, gold in the 3rd. Don't be afraid to mix different, but complimentary flowers together to create visual interest to your Thanksgiving table!







When decorating your mantle this year, think about making additions to your same-old garland. First, pick up your fresh or silk garland swag from Blue Moon. While you're here, check out all of the decorations to add pizzaz that will make it magical! Add large and small ornament balls, and some ribbon; vary the colors and shades of reds, greens, golds, and/or silvers. And don't forget the sparkle! Clear vases behind the garland, filled with sparkly branches and curly sticks to give height, and glittery Christmas balls throughout, add visual interest and elegance. Don't be afraid to add trees, snow men, or Santa figurines along the mantle as well!


Tip from Ami 7Bringing the Evergreens inside:

At this time of year, we come to see the evergreens shine in our landscapes as all the other trees have lost their leaves. Red twig dogwood, red winterberry, and holly also appear beautiful at this glorious time of the year. It’s time to bring the evergreens indoors for their wonderful scent and winter beauty. Here are a few tips with what you can do with evergreens in your home for the Holiday Season:

Save those clippings from your tree! Assemble them together to make swags (cut them as short or keep them as long as you want your swag to be), use bind wire, spool wire, or florist wire to wrap around the top of your swags. Adorn with a pine cone at the top and some red velvet ribbons and attach to a sconce, or hang on a door or wall. These are also great for mailboxes, outdoor lamp posts, lighting and fence posts, or gates. If you use an artificial tree, stop by Blue Moon Florist for a beautifully made fresh swag with assorted evergreens, pine cones, berries, and bows to add a touch of the season inside or outside of your home.

A beautiful evergreen garland of cedar or pine lays nicely on a mantle, along a long dining table, or side board. Add this to the décor scape 3-5 days before the holiday for freshness and lasting (they do tend to dry out rather quickly inside, lasting about 5-10 days depending on how warm you keep your home and how close the greens are to a heat source). This adds freshness, aroma, and texture to those focal points in your home. Set candle sticks, pillar candles or small votive cups along the garland, and add some real or faux berries on top to add color. Layering evergreens is also lovely - start with your Douglas fir, noble or silver fir first, then add some cedar, juniper, and boxwood. Top it off with tucks of holly or winterberry, and you have a wonderful fresh (all of this comes in faux as well if you prefer) natural addition to your mantles, tables, and side boards!


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